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We know that cavitation occurs when the fluid in a flow falls below its saturation pressure. For this case, we will be making the following assumptions:

  1. We are trying to avoid cavitation. Elevation of the pipeline is not related to entrained air.

  2. The fluid is water

  3. The vapor pressure of vaporization is of water is 2.338 kPa

  4. We’ll be utilizing the metrics for the piping in section 2:

    1. The pipe is made of Ductile Iron

    2. V1  = .9609 m/s

    3. hf  = .02543 m

    4. z1 = 224.1 m 

    5. P_pipe = 31.631 kPa  (gage)   =   132.956 kPa  (absolute)


The maximum height that the pipeline can reach to avoid cavitation is 237.436m. This is much higher than the actual highest elevation of the pipeline at 224.1m

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